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About Us

Hands On Company

Hands On - About Us

Everyone these days especially in Malaysia claim to be event organizers or an event management company. Even those who are merely service or equipment provider claim to be one. The entire definition of this business is made to sound so simply & easy. You wouldn’t do that if you really know what is it all about or how tedious and stressful it can get.

Looks like everyone wants a portion of the business but we’re not really in for that kind of rat race. Hands On has come a long way in providing total event
solutions with fresh ideas. We act as consultants to clients and execute their occasions as perfect as possible.

The minds behind the company with combined experiences spanning over 2 decades, we know our trade well enough to say we’re worthy to be called event organizer who is capable of planning & managing events well.

Our Beliefs

Our beliefs are what that defines us in this Company.
It is not just a list, it is our bible.
1) We encourage open communication and feedbacks among the team hence we do not judge or assume.
2) We believe in looking out for each other & making everyone’s work much easier, this way t’sless stress.
3) We believe in LOVE and PRIDE,‘Love Our Team’ & ‘Pride In Our Job’.
4) We have FAITH, TRUST & RESPECT regardless of the position, age, race or gender.
5) We don’t practice politics or favoritism . Everyone is looked at equally.
6) We are FUN people. We Work Hard & We Play Hard.

Our Mission

We analyze, develop and enhance your Ideas into Events.

Our primary objective is to ensure each step of this process is well guarded and taken care off. At Hands On, we do not believe in ‘Standing still’. We constantly seek ways to progress in this fast paced world. We try different approaches to determine which one works best.

We trust ourselves as your event consultants. Such, we do not just receive instructions, we advise constructively. As we believe communication is a ‘two way street’. In that way, we are a progressive agency – client understanding & working relationship.

Our Vision

Our Vision is simple and clear, ‘We want to reach greater heights and have a list of clients that we can be proud off’.

Believe us when we tell you this, ‘we do take pride on our job’. This way, we are not only your consultants or event organizers; we are also your BRAND GUARDIANS. By acting as your brand guardians, we make your job easier. We respect it and guard it.

1) We are here to make your job easier. Lift the burdens off your shoulder
2) We are here because of our Passion; Passion for Great & Successful events.
3) To be the preferred event consultants in the country.
4) To be recognized for our work and commitment.
5) To be your ideal working partner!